Don’t Let a Lease Return Dealership Nickel and Dime You

When you return a leased car, there is expected to be a certain amount of depreciation, or de-valuation of the vehicle, from regular usage over the 2-3 years of the lease. But most leasing contracts include a clause for “excess wear-and-tear,” which prohibit significant body damage or evidence of improper care. If it is discovered that you have used poor maintenance, an additional fee could be charged.

An honest dealership will understand that a few dings are normal over the course of multiple years, but some will try to trigger the excess wear-and-tear fine on minor harm, such as a small dent or scratch on the rim.

Luckily, Ace Auto Recon offers mobile wheel repair  to alleviate these problems. Our professional staff can meet you on-site to perform repairs to lease returns before taking them back. Best of all, our service is significantly less expensive than the excess wear-and-tear fees the leaser will charge.

Additionally, we guarantee that your lease return will pass inspection for areas we work on or we will refund your money. That is how confident we are in our services.

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